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Kellogg Alumni Club of Dallas

Bold Leadership

Our Story Starts With You

Our Mission:

Continue to educate, equip, and inspire Texas Kellogg Alumni who cherish the power of networking and lifelong learning

Meaningful Connections.

Connect with Texas area alumni by staying involved in the Kellogg community throughout your life journey. The Kellogg Alumni Network of Texas provides benefits such as social and professional networking, access to industry experts, opportunities to volunteer, and numerous local events.

Lifelong Learning.

The Kellogg Alumni Network champions continuous education, highlighted by events like our Annual Kellogg DFW Symposium and quarterly executive network sessions covering retail, travel, board leadership, AI, and beyond. Education doesn’t stop after graduation. Through the Kellogg Alumni Network, you have the opportunity to keep expanding your knowledge and skills. Our Kellogg Professors and Alumni are dedicated resources for your ongoing educational journey, ensuring that your learning journey continues indefinitely.

2020 Symposium Group Photo_93A2663.jpg

Organized Fun.

At Kellogg DFW Alumni, we celebrate the diversity within our community. Our varied backgrounds and perspectives strengthen our collective bond. As part of the expansive Kellogg Alumni network, we form a tightly-knit local group that not only shares a deep connection but also knows how to enjoy ourselves.


"A key highlight of the Kellogg MBA journey is the chance to forge lifelong friendships and build incredible networks. The Kellogg DFW Alumni Club plays a pivotal role in bringing this to life."

Harry Kraemer ‘79

Kellogg Professor, Former CEO of Baxter, Best Selling Author, Partner at Madison Dearborn, a leading Chicago-based Private Equity Firm

Harry Kraemer on the Importance of Networking as Kellogg Alumni

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