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Join the Kellogg Alumni Club of DFW!

Kellogg DFW wants you!

Joining the Club is an excellent way to maintain your connection with Kellogg University, meet fellow alumni, and make new friends. The Club is the official alumni organization for all Kellogg graduates living in the Dallas Fortworth area, and we are privileged to have one of the largest and most active Kellogg Alumni Clubs in the country.  Popular events perks  include:


  • Kellogg  DFW Leadership Symposium

  • NU Connects Networking Night

  • Exclusive Invites to Kellogg DFW Executive Leadership Series: Retail, M&A, and AI

  • Golf Tournaments

  • Kellogg DFW Health Care Summitt

  • Chinese New Year  Dim Sum Event

  • Kellogg Days Community Service

  • Annual Kellogg Soriee and Community Giving Auction

  • Kellogg - Harvard - Stanford - Cornell - Wharton Mixers

  • Private Movie Screenings

  • Listing in club director

  • Free or discounted club merchandise (caps, cups, pens, t-shirts) is 

  • given away at events offered for free or discounted prices for members.

  • And much, much more!

  • Fees are very reasonable and include $50.00 off  for any event costing $100 or more.

  • ++ Discounts on other events 


Please select the type you wish to purchase and click the "Continue" button below.

  • Kellogg Membership

    Every year
    Description: 1-year membership open to all alumni of Kellogg
    • One year membership includes 50% off all event tickets
    • VIP seating
    • Free Kellogg Swag for Memers
  • Kellogg Student or Recent Graduate

    Free membership for one year for recent graduates
    Free Plan
    • One year free membership includes member discount pricing
    • Unlimited access to content
    • Priority seating at events
  1. Free Networking events:

    • Exclusive Member-only invitations to informal quarterly Happy hour events organized by the DFW club..

  2. Discounted Networking events:

    • Exclusive Member-only discounts to annual networking events such as the Soiree (25% off).

  3. Discounted Professional Learning/Enrichment events:

    • Discounts for events such as the Symposium and Healthcare summits (25%off).

    • Free events?

Membership Sign-up details:
  1.  Website signup

  2.  In-person

  • Notes: Does the 25% count as an additional discount.

  • Proactively reach out to new graduates - maybe the first year free.

  • Early access to events - easier than discounts.

  • Suggestion $100 vs. $50? - how about $100 plus a free ticket to the next event? 

  • When does the year start? Whenever you sign up.

  • Software - will need to be managed.Infrastructure needed.

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