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The Kellogg DFW sponsorship program presents a distinctive chance for organizations to enhance their brand visibility among approximately 5,000 of Texas' most prominent leaders, including Kellogg Alumni.

Sponsoring the Kellogg Alumni Club of DFW not only elevates your brand in front of nearly 5,000 of Texas' most influential leaders, including a wide array of Kellogg Alumni, but also aligns you with a vibrant mission. This partnership opens doors to unparalleled opportunities for aligning with and contributing to a community committed to professional growth, career advancement, and the forging of meaningful connections. Recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the Kellogg Alumni Club of DFW dedicates itself to launching impactful initiatives that serve both alumni and the wider community. Your sponsorship extends beyond mere brand visibility; it actively supports a legacy of excellence, leadership, and shared success within one of the most dynamic professional networks in Texas.


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