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Who We Are

Our roots date back to 1916

As a Kellogg student, we onboarded a lifelong journey with a very special community. We were part of a global and local network that would eventually evolve into a variety of relationships ranging from business partnerships, mentorship, and friendships.

From the very beginning, connectivity, teamwork, and collaboration have all been in our DNA. Nobody does it better than Kellogg students, faculty, staff, and our alumni. The leadership and camaraderie that starts with fellow students on campus at Kellogg and across our global footprint of graduate school campuses, will serve and engage you forever.

Prior to World War One, we were originally called The Northwestern University School of Commerce in downtown Chicago. Since it’s inception, Kellogg has continued its legacy of educating and connecting students, faculty, and alumni throughout our lives and careers.

In the 75th Kellogg anniversary book “The Evolution of Management Education”, published in 1983, the Chicagoland Alumni club is mentioned as a key pioneer that brought the focus of networking and relationship building as key value of Kellogg.

The faculty was at first concerned about promoting extra-curricular activities as a means of attracting students and developing loyal alumni. However, the school ultimately formed “The Student Organization” during the 1908-1909 academic year (and renamed later as The Commerce Club in 1913), a social organization that also served as the official representative of the student body.

The student run club also played an active role in forming the Northwestern Commerce School Alumni Association in 1916, known today as the Kellogg Alumni Club of Chicago (KACC).

Over one hundred years later, the original and founding “hometown” Chicago-based alumni club remains a beloved part of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University community. KACC is here to ensure the Kellogg experience continues post-graduation for our 20,000+ alumni in the Chicagoland area.

Northwestern School of Commerce.jpg

Northwestern School of Commerce, Circa 1908

Our Mission

Continue to educate, equip, and inspire Chicagoland Kellogg Alumni who cherish the power of networking and lifelong learning.

Our Focus for 2023:

  • Hosting an array of meaningful in-person events throughout the year, offered to all Kellogg Alumni in the Chicagoland area

  • Helping our community by supporting charitable causes across the Chicagoland area

  • Expanding the KACC brand through digitalization, social media, and a new ambassador program. Enabling alumni to easily connect with each other and stay informed.

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